KEI Business School is a business/finance and entrepreneurship platform that is professional in empowering individuals, corporations, institutions, CEOs, organizations with the requisite knowledge on wealth creation, building sustainable business/ finance both for personal and corporate finance. We are unique in ensuring practicality of knowledge not only theory, every student must ensure immediate application of knowledge through the system we created to ensure that took place. We are registered with CAC on 10th August 2021 with registration number: Also successfully graduated many sets and many more to come. We have sub-brands Esther's company and InvestCluv which serves as the business and investment aspects of our platform to ensure we do what we teach, Esther's company is responsible for our beauty products with name, KEI products, while the InvestCluv is responsible for every investment project with our partners. We enroll courses online majorly but other training for organizations physically, our major priority is to ensure application of business and finance knowledge to improve productivity and sustainability.

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Financial education for wealth creation and financial freedom through the application of financial intelligence and principles.


A platform of ensuring the practicality of business/finance and entrepreneurship knowledge, we do what we teach.


The home of the wealthy minds

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